Correction Policy

Correction Policy at

At InsiderFandom, we are committed to providing our readers with content that is accurate, timely, and trustworthy. We value transparency and accountability and recognize that errors can occur despite our rigorous standards.

Reporting Errors

If you identify a factual error in our content, we encourage you to report it. Please contact us with detailed information about the error, including the URL of the article and any evidence supporting the correction.

Review Process

Upon receiving a report, our editorial team will thoroughly review the claim. Confirmed errors will be corrected expeditiously.

Correction Procedure

Corrections are made directly within the article containing the error. At the end of the article, a note will detail the corrected text, the date of correction, and a brief description of the original error. For significant errors that impact the overall understanding of the content, an editor’s note may also be placed at the beginning of the article.


In exceptional cases where an article is found to be fundamentally flawed or misleading, a retraction may be issued. We will replace the original article with a retraction notice that explains the reasons for the article’s removal.

Commitment to Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. This correction policy underscores our dedication to truth, accuracy, and the trust of our readers.

Notification of Corrections

When an article is corrected, our editors will update the post to reflect the new information. The corrected section will be marked with bold text stating

Updated: [Date],” for example, “Updated: May 2, 2024.