Ella Purnell Tackles Wild Squirrels in New Comedy-Horror ‘The Scurry’ After ‘Fallout’ Success

Ella Purnell, celebrated for her riveting portrayal of Lucy MacLean in the streaming series “Fallout,” is not just another actress on the rise; she’s a burgeoning icon in the entertainment world. The explosive success of “Fallout” has catapulted Purnell to international stardom, earning her a legion of fans who are eager to see what she does next. It appears her next venture is as unexpected as it is thrilling—a horror-comedy titled “The Scurry,” where she will be battling a pack of murderous squirrels.

Ella Purnell Tackles Wild Squirrels in New Comedy-Horror 'The Scurry' After 'Fallout' Success
From Fallout to Furry Foes

In “The Scurry,” directed by Craig Roberts, Purnell will take on the role of a park attendant enveloped in a bizarre and deadly crisis. According to Screen Daily, her character will face an onslaught of killer squirrels in what promises to be a blend of horror and humor. The film explores the chaotic struggle of a group of survivors including pest controllers, a teenager, and even hypocritical vegans, all trapped in an eco-café during a freak storm as they fend off the furry assailants.

A Glimpse into the Plot of “The Scurry”

The screenplay, penned by Tim Telling, sets the scene in a seemingly tranquil country park that quickly turns into a battleground. A routine check for vermin at an eco-café spirals into chaos as night falls and deranged squirrels begin their assault, leading to numerous casualties. As the survivors barricade themselves, the loss of power and communication lines heightens the tension, leaving them isolated and fighting for survival.

“An avalanche of deranged squirrels descends, wreaking revenge and mayhem on the staff and visitors in the park.”

Ella Purnell Tackles Wild Squirrels in New Comedy-Horror 'The Scurry' After 'Fallout' Success
The Scurry: Comedy Meets Horror

This quote from Variety captures the essence of the impending mayhem, suggesting a mix of dark humor and thrilling horror, a combination that could appeal to a broad audience.

Purnell’s Continued Role in “Fallout”

As production for “The Scurry” kicks off, fans of Purnell can also look forward to her return in the much-anticipated second season of “Fallout.” The show, which draws from a popular video game, has been renewed, and most of the main cast, including Purnell, are set to return. The upcoming season promises an even deeper exploration of the game’s lore, potentially introducing beloved characters from the video game into its live-action adaptation.

The excitement surrounding Purnell’s role in both projects is palpable. Kamasa, CEO of True Brit, expressed enthusiasm about her joining “The Scurry,” stating to Screen Daily,

“We are thrilled to add Ella to our brilliant British ensemble cast. She will be fantastic battling deranged killer squirrels.”

This sentiment echoes the anticipation and confidence that industry insiders and fans alike have in Purnell’s ability to engage and entertain.

Ella Purnell Tackles Wild Squirrels in New Comedy-Horror 'The Scurry' After 'Fallout' Success
Ella Purnell vs. Wild Squirrels

Conclusion: A Rising Star in Diverse Roles

Ella Purnell’s career trajectory is a testament to her versatility and appeal as an actress. From the apocalyptic realms of “Fallout” to the absurd battlegrounds of “The Scurry,” she is proving to be a formidable force in genres spanning from sci-fi and drama to horror and comedy. Her ability to navigate diverse roles with ease and charisma not only cements her status as a fan favorite but also as a talent to watch in the coming years. As the film industry continues to evolve, Purnell’s adaptability and prowess will undoubtedly keep her at the forefront of exciting and innovative projects.

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