How One Justice League Star’s Envy Revealed On-Set Family Ties

In the star-studded universe of the Justice League, where capes and masks symbolize power and heroism, one star’s experience diverges notably from the glittering portrayal we see on screen. The ensemble cast, including big names like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, might have seemed to step straight out of a comic book, but for Ray Fisher, the actor behind Cyborg, the reality was a far cry from the superhero dream.

A Costume That Never Was

How One Justice League Star's Envy Revealed On-Set Family Ties
Ray Fisher on set in his CGI suit, feeling the distance between digital and real superhero costumes.

During the filming of Justice League, while his colleagues donned costumes that looked like they were peeled off the pages of DC comics, Fisher was clad in a CGI suit—a stark contrast to the tangible superhero gear his castmates enjoyed. This suit, necessary for transforming him into the mechanically enhanced Cyborg, meant that Fisher’s heroic guise was largely a product of post-production magic.

“I was in a onesie. I was calm, cool, collected. I did have a muscle suit I wore sometimes with, like, the hoodie and the sweatpants, and I felt like what it was to be them on a certain level. But I envied their costume because it actually existed,” Fisher shared in an interview with Showbiz Jamie. This sentiment highlights not just a personal longing but also speaks volumes about the isolation that can come with the role.

More Than Just Digital Layers

Despite the initial disconnect caused by his digital costume, Fisher’s portrayal of Victor Stone/Cyborg was met with critical acclaim, proving that his performance could transcend the lack of physical costume. The film’s final cut presented a Cyborg who was more man than machine, a design choice that significantly contributed to the character’s relatability and depth.

Turmoil Behind the Scenes

How One Justice League Star's Envy Revealed On-Set Family Ties
Behind the scenes of Justice League, where camaraderie meets the complexity of film production.

However, Fisher’s challenges extended beyond his CGI suit. The actor later expressed significant discontent with the environment during the reshoots led by Joss Whedon, describing it as abusive—a claim that stirred up controversy and led to his estrangement from Warner Bros. “Ray Fisher would eventually have a falling out with WB, as he would announce on Twitter that he found Joss Whedon’s attitude on the set of the Justice League reshoots abusive,” reported by sources close to the production.

Reunion with Zack Snyder: A Silver Lining

Despite the turmoil, Fisher found solace in reuniting with director Zack Snyder, who cast him in his new Netflix IP, Rebel Moon. “I love that man to death,” Fisher remarked about Snyder, highlighting a bond that feels “like coming home.” This collaboration not only mends some of the professional scars but also reiterates the deep connections that can form amidst the often tumultuous world of film making.

A Hero’s Journey Off-Screen

Ray Fisher’s journey through Justice League and beyond encapsulates more than just the trials of a digital costume. It reveals the complexities of film production and the personal growth that occurs when actors navigate the demanding waters of Hollywood. Fisher’s story, from CGI constraints to personal advocacy and new opportunities, reflects a narrative of resilience, making his portrayal of Cyborg resonate even more with fans around the globe.

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