Jenna Ortega Urges Fans, Drop Your Phones for ‘Beetlejuice 2’s’ Wild Ride

In a cinematic landscape crowded with sequels and reboots, Jenna Ortega stands out not just for her roles but for her vocal support for unique, quirky narratives. The star of Netflix’s Wednesday series recently discussed her latest project, Beetlejuice 2, with Vanity Fair, and her enthusiasm for the return of such distinct storytelling shines through.
Ortega, who steps into the spooky realm once again, this time in Tim Burton’s universe, shared her thoughts on the importance of bringing back the peculiar charm of the 1988 classic.

“To bring Beetlejuice back—of all of the stories—is so good because people need to revisit weird, strange, off-putting stories again,”

Jenna Ortega Urges Fans: Drop Your Phones for 'Beetlejuice 2's' Wild Ride
Drop Phones, Catch the Fun

The Anticipated Return of “Beetlejuice”

More than three decades after the original, Tim Burton revives the mischievous spirit of Beetlejuice with a sequel that promises to rekindle the unique comedic horror that captivated audiences in the late ’80s. The sequel sees the Deetz family, haunted once more by the demon Betelgeuse, navigating their return to Winter River following an unexpected tragedy.
Jenna Ortega steps into the shoes of Astrid Deetz, daughter of the iconic Lydia Deetz, originally played by Winona Ryder. Astrid’s accidental release of Beetlejuice sets off a series of eerie and hilarious events, reintroducing audiences to the film’s signature blend of horror and comedy.

The Impact of Michael Keaton’s Transformation

The cast of Beetlejuice 2 features Michael Keaton reprising his role alongside original stars Winona Ryder and Catherine O’Hara. Ortega expressed awe at Keaton’s transformation back into the chaotic character:

Jenna Ortega Urges Fans: Drop Your Phones for 'Beetlejuice 2's' Wild Ride
Ortega Leads, Beetlejuice Delights

“It was like an animal with a gun had just walked into the room,” she told Empire.

“To watch him physically change and appear and Michael Keaton to be gone, and for me to be dealing with this Betelgeuse guy… it blew my mind.”

Tim Burton and the film’s cast have been vocal about Keaton’s embodiment of the role, with Burton himself remarking,

“It was like he was possessed by a demon, because he just went right back into it.”

Keaton’s enthusiasm for the role is evident, as he has mentioned that Beetlejuice remains his favorite film.

Engaging the Digital Generation with Artistic Stories

In her discussion, Ortega also highlighted the need for introducing artistic and creative stories to the younger generation, often preoccupied with digital devices.

“We need to introduce the younger generation that’s always on the phone to new artistic and creative ideas,”

Jenna Ortega Urges Fans: Drop Your Phones for 'Beetlejuice 2's' Wild Ride
Jenna Ortega Champions Beetlejuice 2

she emphasized. This push for engaging narratives aims to draw more people back to the theaters and revitalize interest in innovative film-making.
Beetlejuice 2 not only marks a significant return to form for Burton and his team but also stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of storytelling that dares to be different. As the film prepares to haunt a new generation, it serves as a reminder of the power of cinema to entertain, engage, and even unsettle, keeping audiences glued to their seats — and away from their phones.

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