New Show ‘Those About To Die’ Reveals Rome’s Hidden Gangs and High-Tech Filming Magic

Peacock’s latest series, “Those About To Die,” transports viewers back to the tumultuous realms of ancient Rome, but with a twist that deviates from the traditional epic narratives. Starring Dimitri Leonidas as Scorpus, a celebrated charioteer, and Gabriella Pession as Antonia, a scheming patrician, the show delves into the gritty underbelly of Rome’s criminal echelons, offering a fresh perspective on a familiar era.
In an exclusive interview with FandomWire, both Leonidas and Pession shared insights into their complex characters and the innovative technology that brings the ancient world to life with startling clarity. The show’s unique angle focuses on Rome’s middle-class citizens and low-level gangsters, illuminating the daily struggles and political maneuvers unseen in typical historical dramas.

New Show 'Those About To Die' Reveals Rome's Hidden Gangs and High-Tech Filming Magic
Experience High-Tech Filming Magic

Behind the Scenes: A Technological Leap in Filmmaking

The production of “Those About To Die” is a marvel of modern cinematic technology, utilizing advanced virtual production techniques previously seen in high-profile projects like “The Mandalorian.” This method allows for an immersive experience that captures the grandeur of ancient Rome in unprecedented detail.

Gabriella Pession recounted her awe-inspiring experience filming with this technology: “I remember shooting in Studio 18, where they have this huge LED that’s 180 degrees wide. There was some real set built by the set designers, but then behind there is this program that displays this magnificent portrait of Rome that you’ve never seen before.”

The actors performed alongside tangible set pieces, while a vast, digitally-rendered Rome unfolded in the background—complete with moving figures and dynamic scenes, all manipulated in real-time via innovative software.

New Show 'Those About To Die' Reveals Rome's Hidden Gangs and High-Tech Filming Magic
Uncover Rome’s Cinematic Secrets

“It’s like you’re acting, but behind you there’s a bustling Roman market. It’s bizarre,” Pession described. “The camera moves, and the whole world shifts with it. It’s unbelievable.”

A New Vision of Ancient Rome

Leonidas expressed his fascination with the show’s approach to depicting the lives of Rome’s lesser-known denizens. “It’s a look at both the giant spectacle of these games, the political agenda of the ruling class, and the slaves that get torn up in this system,” he explained. “You get a kind of middle class of people that maybe get skipped in the usual stories.”

This perspective not only enriches the narrative but also connects viewers with the intricate web of social dynamics that defined Roman society beyond the emperors and warriors typically spotlighted in such dramas.

New Show 'Those About To Die' Reveals Rome's Hidden Gangs and High-Tech Filming Magic
Dive into Rome’s Hidden Gangs

The Lure of Rome’s Underworld

“Who doesn’t want to see a gang operate in Rome?” Leonidas mused. “As soon as I saw it’s gangsters, but low-level kind of scum gangsters in Rome, it was a great pitch for me.”

This fresh take on ancient Rome’s notorious underbelly promises to keep audiences captivated, blending historical intrigue with the raw intensity of a crime thriller. The series not only redefines the scope of period dramas but also showcases how cutting-edge technology can elevate storytelling to mesmerizing new heights.
As “Those About To Die” continues to unfold on Peacock, it offers a riveting exploration of power, survival, and innovation in one of history’s most legendary civilizations.

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