Patrick Stewart Opens Up About Piers Morgan’s CNN Show Ending, What He Really Thought

Patrick Stewart, the revered actor best known for his iconic roles in Star Trek and X-Men, once shared his perspective on Piers Morgan’s departure from CNN and the subsequent cancellation of Piers Morgan Live. Launched in 2011, the show promised to bring a British viewpoint to American primetime, featuring interviews with politicians, celebrities, and other public figures. Despite this, it struggled to resonate with viewers, leading to its demise in 2014.

Patrick Stewart Opens Up About Piers Morgan's CNN Show Ending: What He Really Thought
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The Refreshing British Perspective in American Media

During a 2015 interview with Time magazine, Stewart expressed his intrigue towards Morgan’s approach on the show.

“I found it very refreshing to watch Piers’ show,” Stewart remarked.

The pair had previously connected over breakfast, discussing the unique challenges and experiences Morgan faced. This conversation illuminated the complexities of a British journalist navigating the U.S. media landscape.

Patrick Stewart Opens Up About Piers Morgan's CNN Show Ending: What He Really Thought
Stewart Discusses TV Show End

Generosity and Acceptance: The American Way

Despite Morgan’s assertion that the American audience was not interested in a British perspective on their issues, Stewart highlighted the generosity of the American people.

“One of the things that has always impressed me about the American system and its way of life is its generosity,” Stewart noted.

He admired the initial acceptance of Morgan by the American public, which allowed the show to run for three years.

Wishing for a Cameo That Never Came

In the same interview, Stewart also touched on his sitcom Blunt Talk, where he played Walter Blunt, a British newscaster trying to make it on American cable news. Morgan’s fascination with the show led Stewart to hope for a cameo that unfortunately never materialized.

Patrick Stewart Opens Up About Piers Morgan's CNN Show Ending: What He Really Thought
Inside Piers Morgan’s CNN Exit

“He was fascinated by Blunt Talk,” Stewart said. “I would love to have Piers on the show.”

Despite this unfulfilled wish, Stewart praised the sitcom for offering him a chance to explore a character deeply committed to responsible journalism and the belief in media’s power to drive change.

The Enduring Passion for News and Acting

Stewart’s passion for journalism isn’t just a recent development.

“I was working on my local newspaper. I was the most junior reporter on staff,” he shared,

reflecting on his early career before his acting took precedence. This background gave him a unique appreciation for his role in Blunt Talk, allowing him to bring authenticity and depth to his portrayal of Walter Blunt.

Patrick Stewart Opens Up About Piers Morgan's CNN Show Ending: What He Really Thought
Patrick Stewart’s Candid Reflections

The cancellation of Blunt Talk after two seasons, similar to Morgan’s show, underscores the challenges shows face in the competitive landscape of American television, irrespective of the star power involved.

Patrick Stewart’s reflections offer a glimpse into the complexities of media and entertainment, emphasizing the delicate balance between cultural perspectives and audience receptivity. His observations not only shed light on Piers Morgan’s CNN stint but also underline a broader dialogue about the intersection of media, culture, and public acceptance.

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