Scarlet Witch Outshines Thor as Elizabeth Olsen Conquers The Hot Ones with Ease, Leaving Chris Hemsworth in Agony!

The popular YouTube series ‘The Hot Ones,’ known for its fiery line-up of hot sauces and even hotter questions, has become a battleground not just for celebrities but also for their taste buds. The show, expertly hosted by Sean Evans, recently welcomed Chris Hemsworth, Marvel’s own Thor, whose encounter with the spicy challenge was both hilarious and intense.

Watch Chris Hemsworth Melt Down Eating Spicy Wings on 'The Hot Ones'—Marvel Stars Can't Handle the Heat!
Heat Too Much for Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth’s Spicy Adventure Begins

Amid the anticipation of his upcoming role in “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,” Chris Hemsworth appeared on ‘The Hot Ones’ to test his mettle against a succession of increasingly spicy chicken wings. Starting off strong, Hemsworth tackled the milder sauces with ease, discussing his enjoyment of playing a villain in the dystopian flick. However, as the sauces escalated in heat, so did his reactions.

By the time he reached the fifth sauce, “Meow’s Revenge,” boasting a fiery 54,000 on the Scoville scale, Hemsworth’s demeanor shifted noticeably. Despite his attempts to stay composed, the heat began to overtake him, especially when he progressed to “Onima” sauce, which marked a significant leap to 71,000 Scoville units. Hemsworth, clinging to his no-milk-yet resolve, confessed to the real challenge the sauces presented, saying:

“We went from pepper to chili now.”

Watch Chris Hemsworth Melt Down Eating Spicy Wings on 'The Hot Ones'—Marvel Stars Can't Handle the Heat!
Marvel Stars Test Their Limits

The escalation didn’t stop there. “The Red Flag” sauce, which Hemsworth confronted next, was a dramatic jump to 121,000 Scoville units, catching him off-guard and leading to a coughing fit. Despite his initial bravado, the actor reached his limit with “DA’ Bomb: Beyond Insanity,” a notorious sauce with a staggering 135,000 Scoville heat index, leading him to exclaim:

“I don’t want to do this anymore. I think we have to do the milk. Oh my God!”

The Climactic Confrontation with “The Last Dab”

Despite the overwhelming heat, Hemsworth pressed on to the final challenge, “The Last Dab Experience,” a sauce that could make any chicken wing a “wing of death” with its 2.6 million Scoville rating. Overcome by the intensity, Hemsworth struggled to breathe, his ordeal culminating in a teary and breathless moment that left him and the audience in awe of his perseverance.

Watch Chris Hemsworth Melt Down Eating Spicy Wings on 'The Hot Ones'—Marvel Stars Can't Handle the Heat!
Spicy Wings Conquer Thor

Marvel Stars and Their Epic Showdowns with The Hot Ones

Chris Hemsworth is not the only Marvel actor to have faced the fiery gauntlet. The show has seen its fair share of superhero stars battling the spice. Scarlett Johansson, while promoting ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ was reduced to tears by the 10th wing, which packed an overwhelming heat of over 2 million Scoville units. Tom Holland, during his stint to promote ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ found himself nearly overwhelmed, resorting to walking around and chugging milk in a futile attempt to soothe the burn.

Jeremy Renner, another Avenger, faced a similar fate when he tackled “The Last Dab: Apollo” sauce. The actor, known for his stoic portrayals, found himself grappling with an intense fire across his face by the interview’s end, marking another memorable moment in the show’s history.

Watch Chris Hemsworth Melt Down Eating Spicy Wings on 'The Hot Ones'—Marvel Stars Can't Handle the Heat!
Chris Hemsworth Faces the Heat

The Unshakeable Elizabeth Olsen

Amid these spicy battles, Elizabeth Olsen’s appearance stands out. Promoting her role in the MCU, Olsen sailed through all 10 sauces without a hint of distress, a feat that left both the host and the audience astonished. Unlike her co-stars, Olsen managed the challenge with a laugh, answering questions effortlessly, leading many to speculate about her secret resilience to the fiery onslaught.

Conclusion: Marvel’s Real-Life Heroes Show Their Mettle

‘The Hot Ones’ continues to be a platform where celebrities showcase more than their tolerance for spice; they reveal their human side, their resilience, and sometimes, their breaking points. Chris Hemsworth’s journey through the spicy wings, alongside those of his Marvel colleagues, not only entertains but also highlights the enduring spirit of these beloved actors. As they face the heat, they remind us that even superheroes have their limits, but it’s how they handle them that truly defines their strength.

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