Unexpected Kiss on ‘Lord of the Rings’ Set, How Viggo Mortensen’s Playful Moment Made Billy Boyd Fall in Love

When actors Viggo Mortensen and Billy Boyd shared the screen in the iconic “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” no one expected a simple behind-the-scenes moment to become a memorable anecdote illustrating the spontaneous and playful spirit that permeated the set.

Unexpected Kiss on 'Lord of the Rings' Set: How Viggo Mortensen's Playful Moment Made Billy Boyd Fall in Love
Viggo Mortensen’s Unexpected Kiss

A Playful Kiss at Middle-earth’s Most Charming Wedding

The scene was set for the quaint wedding of Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton, bringing warmth and joy to the concluding chapter of Peter Jackson’s epic adaptation. As the cast members gathered to film this cheerful sequence, something extraordinary happened that wasn’t scripted. While the camera focused on Sean Astin and Sarah McLeod, who were trying to perfect their on-screen kiss, Viggo Mortensen, portraying the heroic Aragorn, decided to add a touch of hilarity to the atmosphere.
According to Billy Boyd, who played the lovable Hobbit, Pippin Took, Mortensen’s spontaneous decision to plant a kiss on him off-camera was both shocking and uproarious. This moment, intended to lighten the mood, left Boyd jokingly proclaiming he had fallen in love with Mortensen, courtesy of a kiss that was as unexpected as it was impactful.

Behind the Scenes: Laughter and Light-hearted Moments

The camaraderie among the cast members was palpable, often leading to playful interactions. In an attempt to alleviate the tension and bring some levity to the set, Mortensen took it upon himself to wake Boyd from a nap in his trailer and involve him directly in the celebration on set. As Boyd stood pretending to be a wedding guest, the unexpected kiss from Mortensen came right after Rosie’s bridal bouquet toss, timed perfectly to elicit laughter and surprise from everyone present.

Unexpected Kiss on 'Lord of the Rings' Set: How Viggo Mortensen's Playful Moment Made Billy Boyd Fall in Love
Love Blooms on LOTR Set

And then in one of the takes, it comes right and I’m like ‘yeah’ (clapping) and Viggo grabs me and kisses me hard in the mouth. I mean like I’ve never been kissed by a man or woman. By God. I saw stars and I think I fell in love for a split second. And then I felt a bit sick.

The kiss, while humorous, was so intense that Boyd admitted he couldn’t look at Mortensen for a few days afterward, feeling a mix of embarrassment and amusement.

A Moment That Enhanced the Filming Experience

This light-hearted incident not only brought smiles and a touch of whimsy to the set but also helped to relax the actors, potentially even enhancing the authenticity of the wedding scene being filmed. Mortensen’s actions, though unexpected, contributed to the overall spirit of camaraderie and celebration that “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy is known for among its cast and crew.

Unexpected Kiss on 'Lord of the Rings' Set: How Viggo Mortensen's Playful Moment Made Billy Boyd Fall in Love
A Playful Moment Captured

As fans of the series, these behind-the-scenes stories add a layer of depth and enjoyment to our understanding of the films. They remind us of the genuine connections and moments of unscripted joy that occurred among the actors, enriching their performances and our experience as viewers.
In the world of Middle-earth, where epic battles and profound journeys unfold, it’s these light-hearted moments that remind us of the human spirit and joy that permeated the making of such a monumental film series. Mortensen’s spontaneous act of a playful kiss not only highlighted his sense of humor but also underscored the close-knit nature of the legendary cast.

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