How Hugh Jackman Stepped Up for Ryan Reynolds on ‘Wolverine’ Set

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, where fierce on-screen rivalries often overshadow real-life interactions, the friendship between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman stands out. Their camaraderie, however, isn’t just another off-screen alliance; it began under the most professional—and perhaps challenging—circumstances during the filming of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” It was here, amid intense shooting schedules, that a remarkable scene reshoot would forge a legendary bromance destined to captivate fans and fellow actors alike.

How Hugh Jackman Stepped Up for Ryan Reynolds on 'Wolverine' Set: The Start of a Famous Friendship
Hugh Jackman’s Unwavering Support

An Act of Kindness That Solidified a Lifelong Bond

Ryan Reynolds, known for his quick wit and the iconic role of Deadpool, had just wrapped up a taxing day on set. Despite his exhaustion from a red-eye flight and a grueling night shoot, Reynolds felt the urge to reshoot a crucial elevator scene that he believed could be improved. Typically, after such an intense day, most would head straight to their trailers, but what happened next was anything but typical.
Without a second thought, Hugh Jackman, embodying the spirit of true camaraderie, agreed to help.

“We finished the day. Everyone was taking all their crap off and getting ready to go back to their hotels. I just, in a cursory sense, said, ‘I wish I had another crack at that elevator scene that we shot earlier today.’ I’m realizing what I could have done, the jetlag is wearing off, and I’m starting to see it,” Reynolds recalled during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

How Hugh Jackman Stepped Up for Ryan Reynolds on 'Wolverine' Set: The Start of a Famous Friendship
Jackman Backs Reynolds

“This guy just fired up the lights in there, asked everyone to hop in the elevator,—Their willingness to come back is what really spoke volumes about Hugh. There was not even a moment’s hesitation. Every single one of them—including the crew, lighting, everything—hopped to it.”

This gesture by Jackman was not just about supporting a fellow actor; it was about showing up when it counted, making it a pivotal moment in their burgeoning friendship.

From On-Screen Rivals to Dream Team Creators

This incident on the set of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” was just the beginning. The bond between Reynolds and Jackman has since evolved, driven by mutual respect and a shared vision for their characters in the Marvel universe. Over the years, they have navigated pitch meetings, studio negotiations, and even Jackman’s temporary retirement from his Wolverine persona, all in pursuit of bringing Deadpool and Wolverine together on the big screen.
Their perseverance paid off with the upcoming release of “Deadpool & Wolverine,” a project that promises to merge their dynamic energies into one explosive film. Jackman reflects on the anticipation surrounding their union:

How Hugh Jackman Stepped Up for Ryan Reynolds on 'Wolverine' Set: The Start of a Famous Friendship
Wolverine Set Friendship Begins

“The moment Deadpool came out, I was just bombarded with, ‘When is this movie happening?! It’s got to happen!’ There is also the zeitgeist of you and me that exists. The actual onscreen story has to deliver in deeper, wider, more fulfilling ways than what you can imagine.”

As fans eagerly await this cinematic marvel, the story of Jackman’s unhesitating support for Reynolds serves as a beacon of friendship and professionalism. It’s a narrative that not only enhances their on-screen chemistry but also sets a stellar example of what it means to be a true ally in the competitive landscape of Hollywood.

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